Alex ([personal profile] alexbayleaf) wrote2016-09-02 07:01 pm

Signs of spring in the neighbourhood and the garden

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Officially, spring starts on the 1st of September around here.  Although I’ve been seeing the signs of early spring for about six weeks now, there’s something about the official date that still has me excited.

I spent a couple of weeks in August under the weather with a rotten cold, which turned into a long-lasting cough and had me taking the bus to work instead of walking.  When I got back to my usual route, it was actually surprising how much had changed in such a short time – from the obvious to the subtle.

Probably the most obvious sign of spring: daffodils seem to happen right on schedule around here.
moss in bloom
Even the moss knows it’s spring. I captured this pic of a crack in a neighbour’s fence on my way to work.

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